What to Do For a Gummy Smile

You work hard to care for your teeth. Regular brushing, flossing, and dental visits keep your smile healthy and functional. But sadly, great dental habits and care aren't everything. Cosmetic issues, like a gummy smile, can keep even the most diligent brusher from being satisfied with their smile. In good dentistry, beauty and function should work together.Patients aren't just looking for a working bite and pain relief, they're looking for an aesthetically pleasing appearance too, and that's the approach Dr. Firouzi implements in his practice.

Gummy smile

How Do You Fix a Gummy Smile?

What's the best way to fix your tooth to gum ratio? The best treatments are those that are patient-focused and specific to their unique case. Depending on the cause of a patient's gummy smile, the necessary treatment may take on numerous shapes.

Problem-Solution Approach

  • Teeth that aren't fully erupted or jaw's with an irregular shape: Orthodontics is one of the most comprehensive treatment methods in dentistry. With the proper strategy in place, orthodontics can help remodel fully developed jaws, guide growth for developing ones, and promote optimal teeth emergence.
  • Gum overgrowth: While many individuals with a gummy smile are under the assumption that they have abnormally small teeth, the reality is that this is very rarely the case. Most gummy smiles are the result of overdeveloped gum tissue or gum tissue that has not receded properly. In these cases, gum recontouring is recommended to remove excess tissue.
  • Naturally short teeth: Short teeth can result from grinding (bruxism) or heredity. Two of the most effective treatments for naturally short teeth are porcelain veneers and dental crowns.
  • High smile line: A high smile line is a condition where a person overexposes gum tissue when smiling naturally. This cosmetic inconvenience can be treated with injections to the gum tissue to relax the muscles of the upper lip, helping prevent as much pulling up, which results in a more balanced smile.

Say Goodbye to Gummy Smiles!

Gum recontouring gives patients a chance to enhance their smiles with a safe, pain-free treatment plan. Dr. Firouzi uses a Hoya Con Bio laser to remove excess gum tissue and unveil his patient's beautiful smiles.Cosmetic dentistry is so much more than vanity. Improvements to your appearance can make you more confident and comfortable smiling, leading to a potential for more happiness overall. To learn what steps you can take for a better smile, schedule a consultation with Dr. Firouzi today. Call (412) 274-1126 or visit our website here for the next steps.