Missing Teeth? You Need Implants!

missing teeth

Missing Teeth? You Need Implants!

Missing teeth can be a huge problem. It makes it difficult to chew food, but it also makes you look older and can even lead to health problems. The social stigma of missing teeth spans different cultures and produces adverse psychological, economic, and emotional effects on an individual. You need to handle this issue with care as it is not just about looks.

Complications of Missing Teeth

When missing teeth go untreated, they can cause further complications and even more tooth loss. It is essential to get this treated as soon as possible. Here are some reasons for this:

  • The act of chewing stimulates the bone structure around your healthy oral cavity.
  • When you lose a tooth, your jawbone structure no longer receives the stimulation it needs to regenerate. This eventually leads to tissue deterioration and shifting teeth around to fill what was once lost.
  • Missing teeth can cause damage to your smile, as the gaps will continue to expand and form between the rest of your teeth. This will cause unappealing changes in your facial contours.

It is never too late to treat a missing tooth. The longer you put off treatment, the fewer options for restoring your smile and chewing abilities. Dental implants will bring back the smile and confidence you thought were lost. Dr. Firouzi is a qualified and experienced cosmetic dentist who has helped thousands of patients get the smile they want.

Treatment for Missing Teeth

Implant dentistry is the new frontier for dental care. For many people, implants offer a better way to replace missing teeth than traditional treatments like dentures and dental bridges. These treatments are helpful if your jawline is unable to support implants. We recommend using implants when possible because they can help maintain jaw structure in healthy ways while also giving you chewable food again!

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