Improve Your Look With Our Gummy Smile Surgery

The term “gummy smile” loosely refers to seeing more gums than teeth. Patients who have a gummy smile assume they have abnormally small teeth. Reach out to us if you feel this might be you and are looking for a solution!

Most Common Gummy Smile Causes 

  • Overdeveloped gums
  • Gums that do not recede properly
  • Overdevelopment of the upper jaw
  • A hyperactive upper lip.
  • Overdeveloped and Receded Gums are easily treated causes of gummy smiles. It sometimes happens that when your adult teeth come in, your gums do not recede properly. When this occurs, your gums cover more of the teeth than they should. Dr. Babak Firouzi can remove gum tissue with a recontouring gum procedure. 
  • A much more rare cause of gummy smiles is an overdeveloped upper jaw. With this, it can be more challenging to treat. A crown lengthening procedure is often performed, which consists of removing small amounts of jawbone tissue to expose the underlying teeth. It is not uncommon that maxillofacial surgery will need to be considered to help fix an overdeveloped upper jaw. 
  • Hyperactive Upper Lip is when your lip lifts too high when smiling. In many cases, cosmetic surgery is needed to correct this issue. Correcting a gummy smile is usually a simple procedure, and when working with a professional cosmetic dentist such as Dr. Firouzi, you will get the best care you need. 

Reducing Your Gummy Smile 

Dr. Firouzi can use laser technology to safely remove any overdeveloped bone tissue to redesign your beautiful smile! Recontouring your gums is not a bad thing. It is just one of the many ways professionals can help you feel seen again. 

It is essential for Dr. Firouzi to fully evaluate your medical history and proceed with a facial analysis, lip analysis, and smile line to find a solution to your gummy smile properly! 

Firouzi Has the Procedure You Need! 

If you are self-conscious about your gummy smile, visit our office, and we can help you find a solution! There is always an answer and some way to make you feel great about your smile. Oral health is essential, and how you feel about your smile is important to you and everyone around you! Contact us today by calling us at (412) 274-1126 or leaving a message to set up your appointment.