Discolored Teeth: What Causes It and How to Fix It

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The causes of tooth discoloration can be attributed to diet, lifestyle, aging, and other factors. The side effects from certain medications also contribute to some degree. Even if you were to stay away from tobacco, red wine, coffee, and other dark beverages, some discoloration is inevitable. Luckily, there are a few cosmetic dentistry treatments available today to reverse the effects of staining and discoloration.

Most Common Factors That Cause Discolored Teeth

There are many reasons why teeth can become stained or discolored. Poor oral hygiene habits could cause this because it speeds up the staining process as stain-producing substances will get trapped by plaque buildup. Many fruits and vegetables, such as apples or beets, may also play a role in the discoloration of teeth. The most common reasons for tooth staining include:

  • Tobacco use
  • Coffee
  • Dark teas
  • Colas
  • Red wine

There is one rule to keep in mind if you are concerned about whether a substance will cause discoloration or staining; it will stain your teeth if it stains fabric. Fortunately, there are solutions, and one of them is teeth whitening. 

Teeth Whitening

With so many procedures available, teeth whitening is an excellent way to get rid of discoloration. It will provide you with the bright smile you have always wanted. Dr. Firouzi removes stains from your teeth using the Kurthy Deep Bleaching method. This process can be completed in one visit to our office and uses hydrogen peroxide gel to remove stains.

Other Treatments Available

Tooth discoloration may be caused by various factors that are not always related to staining. Many medications, diseases, and treatments lead your teeth to become lighter or darker than they should be in coloration. For this reason, bleaching procedures are not the answer for everyone. Various antibiotics can also cause tooth discoloration in children whose teeth are still developing. The best methods of treating these forms of discoloration include:

Your teeth may benefit from a combination of tooth whitening and porcelain treatments. At your consultation, Dr. Firouzi will discuss the appropriate treatment plan. Whatever your tooth discoloration may be caused by, we can help you restore your smile to its natural beauty.

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