Cosmetic Dentistry Can Help Your Career

Have you considered cosmetic dentistry to help your career? Dr. Babak Firouzi can help look and feel exceptional at the Center for Exceptional Dentistry. We believe that cosmetic benefits are real and powerful. Cosmetic dentistry has improved functionally and anesthetic improvements which are great for everyday life and a career atmosphere. Contact us today to learn more about our cosmetic dentistry procedures! 

5 Important Facts About Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry specializes in problems affecting a person's teeth, gums, and mouth. Most people want to have a healthy-looking smile that people will remember and that they can show off professionally. A cosmetic dentist like Dr. Babak Firouzi primarily performs cosmetic treatments. We, professionals, have the training and artistic vision to make your smile shiny and bright! 

Forms of Cosmetic Dentistry Been Around for Awhile

Many people have been looking for ways to enhance their teeth for over a millennium. Etruscans, who lived around 700 BC, were known to make prosthetics like dentures with bone and ivory. Also, treat issues like tooth decay or broken teeth with gold fillings and crowns. In Early U.S history, false teeth were made from bones or lead. 

Tooth Discoloration and Decay 

Most people do not realize how unhealthy soda truly is for your teeth. Studies show that people who consume more than one soda a day develop more tooth decay than those who do not. Anyone who consumes soda regularly should consider cutting back and ensuring their teeth cleaning routine is up to par. 

Veneer Protection for Front Teeth

Veneers are thin, tooth-shaped caps that cover the front of a tooth. They look just like natural teeth and hide any flaws your teeth may have. The installation of veneers usually requires a small amount of enamel removal, and once the veneers are cemented in place, they will serve as new enamel. A particular type of veneer called Lumineers does not require enamel removal. Lumineers serve as an extra layer of protection and give the front part of the tooth protection from other acids in the mouth. 

Veneers also help keep stains away. Materials used to make veneers are porcelain or ceramic; both are substances resistant to staining. This means veneers will improve your smile and make it easier to keep your teeth looking fresh. 

Nothing Beats A Professional Teeth Whitening 

When done correctly, a single teeth whiting in the office can improve the color of a client's teeth by up to 10 shades brighter. Most clients only require a few treatments before they are satisfied with their new smile. 

If they ever do, over-the-counter products typically take months to show results. 

Your Smile and Your Career 

When comparing your happiness to your career, it all comes down to how much time you put into your daily oral routine! Dr.Babak Firouzi can give all the benefits of cosmetic dentistry. However, you have to be the one to take them in and implement them into your daily life. Reach out to us at the Center for Exceptional Dentistry by phone at (412) 274-1126, or you can leave us a message today to set up your appointment!